Experience minimalism.

We built the great escape to disconnect and reconnect to the nature.
Shoji pod is the perfect cocoon to experience minimalism.

Time to escape.

We may not all want to live in a tiny space, but we all need to disconnect to reconnect sometimes. To escape the hustle of our daily lives and take time for ourselves, to relax in the nature, to meditate. From many discussions in the past years, we've designed and built a little space like a cocoon, that easily fits in any environment. It has all you need to enjoy, including a small kitchen not to starve. Time to run away!

Disconnect to reconnect.

There is all you need, no choice than focusing on disconnecting.


A lot of quality in a tiny space.

TrailerGalvanized-steel regulated or black painted metal non regulated
StructureJAF KVH® and FSC® KVH construction certified and treated spruce beams
CladdingVertical spruce cladding battens, treated and oiled
RoofMetal black sheets, extra insulation and noise cancellation barrier
InsulationKnauf Ventiboard rockwool for walls, breathing membrane, damp-proof barrier
GlazingPVC double glazing thermo-insulated, anthracite
InteriorPVC panels flooring, spruce sanded and oiled plywood wall panels
FurnitureTailor made sanded and oiled plywood kitchen, bedside table, wardrobe, cabinet, toilets
Kitchen area100cm x 60cm with mat black sink and faucet, mobile cooking hob, space for fridge, shelves
Living / Sleeping area140cm x 200cm sleeping space, wide opening, shelves, drawers under bed for clothes, wardrobe
Bathroom area90cm x 90cm shower, PVC shower panels, glass pane and door, black mat faucets and shower, Trobolo composting toilets
Outside90cm wide steps, beams, option for insulated technical box for 50L boiler, off-grid equipment

Get yours turney

54 000 €

including VAT

Step further

Be a spectator or an actor, your choice. You can be both.
Check out my minimalist living journal to get a feeling of Shoji.
Or experience it yourself: rent mine out or get yours.

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